The workshop is designed on existing content and can be quite extensive. 

Workshops need to be carefully planned and consist of either classroom work for a student at a table or hall work. The Dome is also placed in a suitable hall.

Workshop content are available on the following links. Please look at the details and prepare for the session, as some materials, such as paper, ruler and coloured pencils are required to be provided by the school.

Click for details of teachers pack  


Workshop Details

Please download from the site by clicking the link. Further information is available from the US site link, if required.

Fractal Cut Out

Fractal Rivers

Fractal Trees

Fractal Triangles

Koch Curve

The section of the show with the dome can be expanded without the workshop or the workshop can be kept to a minimum. Many schools are opting for a tester session 'Dome Only' show, as an alternative.  

Fractal Triangles are a popular workshop creating a giant framework throughout the school day.