Our Fractal programme consists of a workshop and dome experience.

The Dome show is 45 minutes (can be based 30 minutes if required) and the workshop is variable depending on age and level of pupils and students.

We typically have a workshop and a dome experience for 1 hour 15 minutes for primary school children and 1 hour 30 minutes plus for students KS3 and above.

The large dome can fit up to 60 very young children Year1-- to 40 students around year7 onwards. Smaller domes are available.

Click www.sciencediscoverydome.co.uk

If time allows we do use our full dome planetarium on the day to find natural fractals such as spiral galaxies etc

The USA website gives details of workshops and teacher resources (very extensive)

 click http://fractalfoundation.org/


Information on the content of the dome show is below.
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